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Thanks to the folks who brought us Queens  Escorts. I have been road testing my new favorite toys – the Mile High Kit and its little cousin the mini.

After I picked up on the Donkey Love video, and prayed for the Bush man to get some back door love, the Mile High company contacted me and as a thank you mailed me one of their terrific erotic travel companions.

I couldn’t wait to renew my membership for love in the sky – the fond memories of Miami. So I’ve used the little vibrator and lube more than a few times!

Believe me, a girls like me needs a few of these – Ive been giving the mini kits to my party gals and the pocket rocket is getting rave reviews.

The company sent me this 30% off coupon to a pass along to my readers. Though I normally don’t discuss product, this brand is close to my heart… and my legs. Super great gift for the season – give her a Mile High Mini.

By the way, do any of you girls (or boys) have good vibrator stories? Enquiring minds want to know! :)

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Thanks for taking the time, its appreciated. I insist on paying, so I will make a donation to my favourite charity instead!

When your with a client having some ‘quality’ time, do you draw a line about the kind of personal stuff you are prepared to listen to, or discuss with him? Let’s say for example you really like the guy, and you find him easy to talk to, would you open up to him and discuss personal stuff, like you do with us on your blog, maybe more so, or do you work to a kind of ‘script’ and keep your distance. Likewise, do you try to steer guys away from getting too personal with you, about their wives, colleagues, etc. Common sense suggests it would be all to easy for some clients, especially the married, sexless & lonely ones (like me) to get too close, so its better all round for you to keep a little distance emotionally?

We were just talking (I’d had a bad day, so it just ended up being a dinner, wine and chat appointment) when she suddenly started talking about her marriage & she told me, amongst other things, about being repeatedly raped by her then husband. Would you tell a client something that personal? Shes obviously moved on, she’s very, er, talented in bed & a very special lady to boot, so perhaps to her its not a big deal at all?

I’m curious as to whether you would ever get that personal with a client, and how you’d react to a client telling you something like that. There must be some kind of unwritten etiquette regarding this….

Connecticut escorts.

And yes, I know I’m just another job to her, hell in the ‘real world’ I’d never get her number, let alone in her knickers, so I’m not kidding myself I’m any different or special to her than any of her other clients, for all I know she talks like this to all of them, I just dont know. I suppose I’m afraid she does what she does as a consequence of the abuse, why the hell that should matter to me I dont know, it just does.

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When “Bubba” called me on my cell phone last night, I initially didn’t want to meet him since he sounded like a complete redneck on the phone. In my business, a girl typically sees a huge variety of men. Most are harmless – just guys who happen to be lonely. Some are cute. But a few are psycho.

Starting out as an escort, I took in all kinds of clients because I was nervous about the well drying up and because I didn’t know any better. I quickly learned, though, that not all clients are equal. Some pay much better than others. More importantly, some should be avoided like the plague because they’re downright freaky or dangerous.

After a while, I developed an instinct about which clients to turn down – call it my Spidey-sense. If something struck me as being off, I would turn a client down. Although making money is great, it’s not worth a couple hundred bucks to put yourself at risk.

Anyways, Bubba set off all of my alarms and I was going to turn him down. But then he told me that he had been referred by a long-time client and that he was staying at the W on Lex and 39th. Both of those things put my mind at ease – the W not so much as the referral from my client.

Bubba completely floored me at the W. Knocking at the door, I expected some redneck with a beer gut and wife-beater undershirt. Instead, I’m greeted by a true specimen of sartorial splendor, who had on a perfectly fitting Hugo Boss suit, Hermes tie, and Ferragamo shoes. In addition to being a superb dresser, Bubba was a fine looking specimen of a man. Imagine my surprise!

Turns out that Bubba is an investment banker from Houston who happened to have a real twang because he grew up in West Texas. He knew my client because they worked on some deals before.

He had to meet on the East Side because he brought his wife and kids to New York. The funniest thing is that his wife called during our session and Bubba surprised me by telling her that he was having a good ‘ole time with his friends at the gentlemen’s club. At least he didn’t talk about his private session! 😉

Well, the hour passed very quickly and I completely forgave Bubba for his twang. He may talk funny but he sure knows how to perform some amazing tongue acrobatics!

So, I learned 2 lessons from this whole experience. First, never judge a man by his accent. Second, not all Republicans or even Texans are evil – well at least one isn’t.

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